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Onlyfans is an adult platform that has made many women successful in a short period. If a woman has something unique to offer, they have gone on to earn substantially well on this site. One of the content creators who has seen massive success is Marie Temera.

She is a 7-foot-tall girl who has caught the eyes of this platform’s users and has made a name for herself. Marie Temara onlyfans model is unique in her ways and that led to her quick rise and becoming a top earner of this platform. To know more about her, simply keep reading and when interested, you can go ahead and subscribe to her page!

Some details of this model

Marie Temara is one of the tallest models in the entire world as her height is 7 feet or 2.13 m. This fact alone dazzles her hundreds of thousands of followers on the OnlyFans platform; however, she has millions of people following her on several other social media platforms such as Instagram.

She uploads adult materials on her profile on OnlyFans and earns around a whopping $320,000 each month. Officially this 28-year-old model has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and over 200k on a second account. She also has a TikTok account where she has over 2.1 million fans and on Twitter over 221k people follow her.

Her success

Marie Temara onlyfans model is quite tall and believes that her success on the OnlyFans platform is due to her gigantic height. She believes that a vast majority of people have a thing or fetish for gigantic people.

This is quite a niche that not all girls can work on but her height works in her favor and she has worked it in her favor quite well. She has quite long legs with strong thighs; there is even a tweet where she posed for a selfie and captioned it to something where she says let her crush you with her thighs or along the lines of that.

Though not all tall girls can earn massively by just being so tall, she has used her height quite effectively and is raking in millions every year. She plans on continuing to do so and within a few years she might have more than what she needs to retire from OnlyFans if she feels like it.

People doubt her height

Many people around the globe doubt whether she is 7 feet tall. This is why there have been several articles and videos that show people calling her out on her bluff. Most used to feel that by offering content where she lies about being such a tall woman, she is attracting people and increasing her followers wrongly.

Such accusations were noticed by Marie Temara onlyfans model who decided to prove the accusers wrong. She started posting videos and pictures of herself in situations and places that showcased her height. She started posting videos of standing and showing how close to the ceiling she was. Also, some videos show how difficult it is for her to walk through a normal door because of her height, walking side by side with other people, etc.

These are some of the videos that she posted on her social media accounts to debunk any doubt that people might have about her height. It is a way for Marie Temara onlyfans model to show that she is 7 foot tall and is not duping people to increase her follower count.

Still confusion about her height exists

Several instances make it difficult for people to believe her height. People agree that she is quite tall but not what she claims to be. The reason for their doubt comes due to certain factors that have risen in the present times.

The confusion is still there, especially after a recently posted image on her Instagram account. The photo is with her parents, and she stands between them and claims that her father is 1.91 m tall and her mother is around 2.26 m tall.

This sparked doubts among her followers as according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the tallest woman alive in the world is from Turkey Rumeysa Gelgi. This 26-year-old is 2.15 m tall, which is 2 cm taller than Marie Temara onlyfans model; however, 11 cm shorter than her mother which is quite difficult for people to believe.

Then there are people posting their findings from Google and other places on the internet to prove that she might not be as tall as she claims.

Marie Temara is tall as she claims but how tall exactly, not sure. It is difficult to know what is correct at this moment as social media users have opened the doubt door for her tallness with somewhat legitimate claims. However, she has also posted things that make her claims legit. Hence, it is difficult to conclude right away!

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