Orlando Brown Net Worth

Orlando Brown Jr., popularly known as Orlando Brown, is an American actor and singer. He has worked in numerous TV shows and films. Do you too love his movies? Keep reading to know about Orlando Brown’s net worth and his personal life as well as get a sneak peek about his acting career in this blog.

Orlando Brown Networth

Here is a clear detail on Orlando Brown networth through different years of his acting career:

  • Orlando Brown Net Worth 2005: $70,000
  • Orlando Brown Net Worth 2015: $850,000
  • Orlando Brown Net Worth 2018: $0.5 Million
  • Orlando Brown Net Worth 2019: $0.6 Million
  • Orlando Brown Net Worth 2020: $0.7 Million
  • Orlando Brown Net Worth 2021: $0.8 Million
  • Orlando Brown Net Worth 2022: $0.9 Million
  • Orlando Brown Net Worth 2023: $1 Million

Present financial condition of Orlando Brown                   

Here is an overview of the present financial conditions of Orlando Brown:

  • Annual Income: $15,000
  • Monthly Spends: $1,100
  • Inheritance: $20,000
  • Loans: $75,000
  • Cash in Bank: $166

Now that you know what Orlando Brown net worth is, let’s explore how and why his net worth has declined over the ages.

Wealth Decline of Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown is believed to have owned three luxury cars during his acting career. But unfortunately, he lost all of them as he had to pawn them to pay his legal fees. Also, he was involved in activities like gambling and betting. This made him lose about $250,000 in 2015 which dwindled his financial conditions further.

He bought a luxurious home in the year 2005. However, it was taken over by the bank as he was unable to repay his debts. This left him homeless. Furthermore, due to his poor temperament, he has lost all acting opportunities in the industry. As of today, he has to sell cannabis and drugs for providing financial support to his family.

Having discussed how much is Orlando Brown net worth; let’s get a sneak peek of his personal life and family.

Orlando Brown’s Personal Life

Orlando Brown was born on December 4, 1987, in Los Angeles, California to Orlando Brown Sr. and Tanika Brown. He was always interested in entertainment and wanted to be a part of this world. Since childhood, he had dreamt of becoming a superstar.

He had begun his career as a child actor in the year 1995 when he was only 14 years old. In the year 2013, Orlando Brown stepped into the music world where also he acquired a lot of fame. Later he got married to Danielle and has three children.

Features of Orlando Brown

Here are some of the attractive features of Orlando Brown that have earned him numerous roles in various shows and movies:

  • Height: 5′ 6″
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Eye Colour: Dark brown
  • Hair Colour: Dark brown

Also, here are some other personal details of Orlando Brown that you might find interesting.

  • Age: 35 years old
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Gender: Male
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Children Name: Frankie

Acting Career of Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown was only 14 years old when he was cast in the movie called Major Pine. Everybody was extremely impressed with the acting skills that he showcased in this movie. Since then, he had been seen in numerous movies and TV shows. Here is an overview of his television and film career.

Television Career of Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown made his television debut in the television industry with a guest appearance in a popular ABC sitcom “Coach” in the year 1995. In the following year, he was cast in four other sitcoms, “The Parent ‘Hood,” “In the House,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” and “Moesha.”  He had also made a guest appearance playing the character of Jerry Jamal “3J” Jameson in the popular sitcom “Family Matters”.

Later, in the year 1998, he also appeared in an episode of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen starrer sitcom “Two of a Kind.” He had also opted for voice-acting in 1996 on a short-lived animated series “Waynehead”, where he was the main character of the show. In the late 90s, Orlando Brown became a part of many other popular shows like “Malcolm & Eddie,” “Sister, Sister,” “Safe Harbor,” and “The Wayans Bros.”

In 2000, he was seen in the Disney Channel television baseball film “Perfect Game.” The following year, 2001, he appeared in a Disney Channel show “Lizzie McGuire”. In the same year, he began voicing the Sticky Webb on the animated series “The Proud Family”, in the main character’s role. Orlando Brown also voiced the titular seventh-grade character on “Fillmore”, in the year 2002.

In 2003, he was roped in for playing Eddie Thomas on the Disney Channel teen sitcom “That’s So Raven”, which ran for four seasons through 2007. Apart from this, Orlando Brown has been seen in many other television shows such as “One on One,” “Phil of the Future,” “WordGirl,” “Maniac Magee,” “Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” and “Bad Boys: Texas” season 2.

Film Career of Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown made his movie debut with the military comedy “Major Payne,” which starred Damon Wayans. After a few years, he was also cast in the science-fiction comedy “Senseless,” where he co-starred with Marlon Wayans and David Spade. In 2001, he was roped in for the Disney comedy “Max Keeble’s Big Move.” After this movie, he majorly focussed on his television career.

However, he made a return to the film world in 2015 where he played a small part in a small part in F. Gary Gray’s biographical drama “Straight Outta Compton.” In the same year, he backed the role of Charles in “American Bad Boy.” Even in the year 2022, he was seen portraying the character of Detective Brown in “Bloody Hands.” However, presently it has become extremely challenging for him to get chances in TV series and movies.

The primary reason behind low Orlando Brown’s net worth was the numerous legal troubles that he was a part of. In the present day as well, he continues to face financial instability and does not earn adequately to get back his luxurious lifestyle.

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