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Polo G is a popular American singer and rapper. He is also a songwriter and social media personality. Polo G rose to fame with his breakout single “Pop Out” featuring Lil Tjay in 2019. But Polo G’s journey has been difficult, dealing with depression, loss, and controversies around his name. People recently have questions like “Is Polo G alive”, this article will reveal the truth for them.

About Polo G

NamePolo G
Full NameTaurus Tremani Bartlett
Net Worth$7 Million
Date of BirthJanuary 6, 1999
Age23 Years Old
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, United States
Currently Lives InChatsworth
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter, Social Media Personality
DebutMusic Video: Die a Legend (2019) Film: Juice World: Into the Abyss (2021)
Years Active2017 – Present
EthnicityAfrican – American
HometownChicago, Illinois
Zodiac SignCapricorn
EducationLocal High School in Chicago <br> Wendell Phillips Academy High School in Chicago <br> Lincoln University in Chicago

Is Polo G Dead?

In June 2022, rumors started circulating on social media that Polo G was dead. This was after his friend and fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk’s brother DThang was shot dead. Many fans speculated that Polo G had also been killed. However, Polo G is alive and well. He took to Instagram to post “I’m Good” to confirm that the rumors were false. Such hoaxes are common when rappers are involved in feuds or crime. Thankfully, this was just a morbid rumor with no truth behind it.

Who is Polo G?

Polo G was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 6, 1999, and his hometown was the North Side of the city. Hence, this region was notorious for crime and gang violence. Polo G had a turbulent childhood as his father was incarcerated when Polo was just two years old. Primarily, his mother raised him along with his siblings.

Polo started rapping and writing lyrics at age 12. He adopted the name Polo G after his favorite brand of Polo clothing. Polo G began recording songs in high school before releasing his first mixtape in 2017 called “Juice World.” He named it after his friend and fellow Chicago artist Juice World who mentored Polo G early in his career.

Polo G Real Name & Age

Polo G’s real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett. He was born on January 6, 1999, which makes him 23 years old as of 2022. Despite his young age, Polo G has achieved immense success uncommon for most new rappers.

Why We Love Polo G

There are several reasons why Polo G is one of the most likable and talented rappers today:

  • Unique melodic style blending rap and pop music
  • Emotional lyrics about his strict upbringing
  • Versatility across rap subgenres like drill, trap, and emo-rap
  • independent spirit and determination to make it out of poverty
  • Relatable and down-to-earth persona despite the fame
  • Tremendous commercial success with hit singles and albums

Polo G represents hope and success for many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. His music provides a relatable voice for struggle and hardship.

The Music and Controversies Behind Polo G’s Rise

Polo G’s upbringing in the North Side of Chicago shaped his music and worldview. Losing his father to prison and friends to street violence as a child led Polo G to channel those traumas into emotive rap lyrics.

Musically, Polo G blends melodic pop vocals with hard hip-hop beats, creating a versatile style that merges drill, trap, and emo-rap. Significant influences include fellow Chicago artists like Juice World, Lil Durk, and King Von.

However, Polo G’s early success has been marked by controversies and legal troubles rooted in his brutal past. He has faced allegations of violence and beef with other rappers. Polo G has also branched into acting, appearing in documentaries and shows to expand his brand.

As a young artist, he represents a rising wave of melodic rappers pushing hip-hop in a more emotional direction. If Polo G can maintain his unique signature style while avoiding further conflict, he can potentially leave a lasting mark as a progressive hip-hop icon. Despite his youth, Polo G has already impacted rap music and culture in his budding career.

Death & Depression

Having grown up surrounded by violence and crime, death has sadly been a constant in Polo G’s life. His older brother Tremani and several friends died young due to street violence. Polo G has openly addressed his bouts with depression rooted in traumatic experiences and loss.

He channels these emotional struggles into his introspective lyrics. Songs like “Epidemic” evoke the paranoia and anxiety Polo G faces daily.

Despite personal demons, Polo G continues to prosper and serve as an inspiration. He also became a mental health awareness enthusiast to help people. Polo G overcoming depression and loss signals hope for young people facing similar struggles.

Rumors of Polo G’s Death

In June 2022, unsubstantiated rumors circulated online that Polo G had died. Questions like “Did Polo G die?” spread across social media, likely fueled by conspiracy theories. Some fans speculated Polo G was killed by his friend Lil Durk’s brother’s murder. Many falsely claimed “Polo G died” or “Polo G is dead” without evidence.

However, Polo G is no doubt alive and well. He directly addressed the hoax by posting “I’m Good” on his Instagram account. This confirmed the reports of Polo G’s death were completely false. The rapper was likely used to such morbid gossip and did not mind the idle chatter. Thankfully the rumors of Polo G passing away were bogus, and he continued his hip-hop career as usual.


Polo G is a multi-talented young musician who has rapidly achieved fame. His skillful rapping and singing have earned him millions of fans. However, his career has been marked by controversies around violence and grim rumors about Polo G’s death. If Polo G can maintain his health and evolve musically, his best years will likely lie ahead. He can become a hip-hop legend if he stays grounded despite fame and hype.

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