What you should know about the Cyber?

Navigating the cyber world is never an easy task unless you’re a tech-savvy guy. Guidance is what cyber offers to its users. There are several things that you need to know about this site. Such guidance is necessary because of the growing threats when it comes to the cyber world. Hence, guidance is necessary when it comes to weakening such threats and increasing security.

Such threats can come in different forms like corporate espionage, attacks sponsored by a state, financial crimes, identity theft, etc. Trendzguriji is a platform that unifies ample computer knowledge, cybersecurity training, wellness & beauty tips, and more. Hence, to understand this platform, you need to know a few things in detail such as what this platform is all about, benefits, features, etc.

What is this platform?

This is an online community or forum that raises awareness about cyber security. The primary information provided to users is about security precautions, recommendations and suggestions about always staying alert and relatable online warnings one might face when navigating in the cyber world.

The primary goal of this site is to offer people an immersive experience and thus, this dynamic platform was created. The name refers to being an expert in certain industries including cybersecurity, fashion, etc. along with other cultural facets that are quite popular among the masses. This site’s intuitive and streamlined style is what makes it easy for people to browse efficiently and acquire knowledge about the latest info on different trends.

Features to know

There are numerous features that you will come across when dealing with cyber. The primary feature would indicate providing support to organizations or individuals that want to stay protected from a plethora of threats and cyberattacks.

Some of the features and topics that you will come across include ethical hacking, network security, data protection, and malware protection. With ideal tutorials, one can easily familiarize oneself with these things quickly.

One of the most essential features is the nature of the tools used. The chief targeted audience is young people but its instructions and other materials are quite beneficial for people of every age. In short, anyone looking to enhance their knowledge about cybersecurity and stay ahead in the cyber world can benefit from this website.

People can have access to different educational materials along with a range of instructional videos, articles, etc. that are explained in simple language. Hence, anyone can understand and access it quite easily from any part of the world as long as they have a computer and internet connection.

It is a great platform that can tutor anyone about trending cyber threats and more to help them stay protected if they get attacked.

Trending cybersecurity threats

The number of threats that people can use to attack an individual in the cyber world is massive. However, some of the trending threats in this niche including phishing, ransomware, malware, social engineering, etc. are explained in detail in cyber.

A survey performed by Deloitte shows the constant evolution of security threats in this world. Phishing is the most dominant threat of all followed by ransomware, malware, and social engineering. Phishing is leading in the trending threat list because it is easy to phish and get the targets to fall for it. Also, it is an easy way to gather info about a target and use it how a criminal sees fit.

Since phishing is one of the most common attacks and people fall prey to it; thus, it is briefly stated below!


This is an attack where websites and emails are decisive browsers; it is a way to compel them to provide hackers with banking details and other personal information. One of the most severe threats of such an attack is the danger of exposing login credentials. When phishing is performed most people unintentionally give out their credit card details which later creates financial losses.

Such threats are nowadays warded off using machine learning or artificial intelligence. These two are quite helpful in stopping such attacks because both offer to analyze huge amounts of data for identifying threats beforehand. After identifying it, both will take appropriate measures to stop such attacks.

Whenever on the internet you need to keep in mind that phishing is quite easy to set up and thus, you should always be careful when using the internet, especially when you require providing login credentials or other such information.

Benefits of using cyber

There are several benefits of using this platform. Some of the standard perks of utilizing this site are:

  • Up-to-date knowledge about security and trending threats in the cyber world
  • Training and other instructional videos to stay safe when browsing the internet
  • Suggestions that will keep you protected from losing your data and how to recover it

These are three of the most essential advantages of using this platform. The rest you will discover once you start using it.

How to stay protected from attacks?

Some of the proven ways through which any individual can stay protected from cyber attacks are:

  • Not opening suspicious emails and links that are sent to a user. Most of the time these links will have viruses or malware that activate and harm a user once he/she opens the link or email
  • Keeping software updated is another aspect that one should adhere to. Updated software and other components will help in staying protected.
  • Always opt for a 2-step authentication system when available. This helps in staying protected even if login details of an account are hacked as without the code sent to another email or phone, hackers won’t be able to get past the login page.
  • You need to take up ethical and adequate practices to ensure that you stay away from harm’s way. Appropriate practices are the way through which you can stay ahead of people who want to harm you.

These are some of the things that you need to know about cyber. It will help you to avoid hackers and their harmful techniques to make you suffer a loss. As long as you follow said steps and keep yourself updated through videos, training, articles, etc. from this platform, you will stay ahead in the cyber world.

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